Covid19mRNA Vaccine (Pfizer) Guidelines 22/09/2021 Ministry of Health web site
 Pfizer Vaccination Campaign (12-19 Age Group) 22/09/2021 Ministry of Health web site
Discharge criteria covid-19 updated 10/08/2021Epid unit website
Exit strategy for covid-19 patients and contacts ( with simplified algorithm) 10/09/2021Epid unit website
Exit strategy for covid-19 patients and contacts 30/08/2021Epid unit website
Home-based isolation and management of asymptomatic and mild symptomatic patients 04/08/2021Epid unit website
Preventive measures at religious places during the pandemic 16/07/2021Epid unit website
Exit Strategy for COVID 19 Patients and Contacts 30/08/2021Ministry of Health web site
Quarantine Measures for Travelers Arriving from Overseas   18/08/2021Ministry of Health web site
Vaccination of persons above 60 years / with co morbidities  who have not turned up for Covid 19 Vaccination 18/08/2021Ministry of Health web site
Vaccination of Persons who have not turned up for Covid 19 Vaccination 01/08/2021Ministry of Health web site
COVID 19 Vaccination Programme at Healthcare Institutions 26/06/2021Ministry of Health web site
Quarantine Measures for Travelers Arriving from Overseas during the Pandemic of COVID-1926/06/2021Ministry of Health web site
 Difficulties in Cremation of COVID 19 Dead Bodies 24/06/2021Ministry of Health web site
 National Vaccination Programme – Identification of Priority Groups 22/06/2021Ministry of Health web site
 Relaxation of Restrictions with effect of 21st of June 22/06/2021Ministry of Health web site
 Surveillance of Perinatal Deaths among COVID 19 Positive Pregnant Women 12/06/2021Ministry of Health web site
 Revised Guidelines on Laboratory Testing Strategy for COVID 19 09/06/2021Ministry of Health web site
 Guide for Diagnosis & Management of COVID 19 Infection in Children 03/06/2021Ministry of Health web site
 Vaccinating Pregnant Mothers Against COVID 19 01/06/2021Family Health Bureau
 Vaccination of Lactating Mothers Against COVID 19 28/05/2021Ministry of Health web site
Disaster Affected Community Management During COVID 19 28/05/2021Ministry of Health web site
Letter-Identification of Priority GN Divisions for COVID 19 Community Vaccination Program 25/05/2021 Epid unit website
 Provision of Care for Pregnant Mothers with COVID 19 & Newborns 13/05/2021Ministry of Health web site
 Discharge criteria for Covid 19 patients- version 4 25/01/2021
 Guideline for the preparedness for reopening of private tuition classes- English / Sinhala / Tamil 15/01/2021 Epid unit website
Movement restrictions and closing of establishments under the quarantine & prevention of disease ordinance- English / Sinhala/ Tamil 11/01/2021 Ministry of Health web site
 Guidelines on management at/ within borders Ministry of Health web site
 Instructions for schools- For Detailed instructions  For Transport instructions
 Guidelines to operate Film halls, Hotels and Reception Halls during COVID 19 period 29/12/2020
Quarantine process for person entering into the country (amendment to guidelines issued on 16/11/2020) 12/12/2020 Epid unit website
 Operational guidelines for manufacturing industry 07/12/2020
 Quarantine Measures after discharge from quarantine/isolation centres/hospitals 04/12/2020  Epid unit website
 Revised guidelines for use of Ag-RDT 03/12/2020  Epid unit website
 Guidence for treating Covid-19 patients in Sri Lanka 02/12/2020
 Mechanism for observing home quarantine 25/11/2020 Presidential secretariat
 Public health measures to be adopted by travellers 09/07/2020 Epid unit website
 Guideline for use of Ag-RDT in testing policy for Covid-19 17/11/2020
 Guidelines on management of dead during current pandemic of Covid-19 17/11/2020 Ministry of Health web site
 Quarantine process to be followed by all immediate contacts of Covid-19 patients & any person entering into the country 16/11/2020 Epid unit website
 Guideline for non-medical reusable cloth face mask (SLS 1675:2020) 16/11/2020 Ministry of Health web site
Instructions for courts for prevention & control of Covid 19 16/11/2020 Ministry of Health web site
 Instructions to be followed by enterprises when getting down employees from their places of stay 14/11/2020
Operational mechanism for home quarantining of individuals at high risk of Covid-1911/11/2020 Ministry of Health web site
 Getting down staff for essential services from locked down areas 10/11/2020  Ministry of Health web site
 SOP for setting up and maintaining to provide accommodation in Sri Lanka for Airline Crew members 06/11/2020  Ministry of Health web site
Guidance for intermediate care centres on management of Covid-19 positive patients 06/11/2020  Epid unit website
 Role of a police officer in suspected/ sudden death05/11/2020
Instructions on alert levels in Covid-19 03/11/2020
 Distribution of pharmaceuticals for clinic patients from government hospitals during Covid-19 outbreak 03/11/2020 Ministry of Health web site
 Management of Covid-19 positive pregnant women 02/11/2020Ministry of Health web site
 Discharge criteria for Covid-19 patients (Version-3) 30/10/2020 Epid unit website
 Closing down of premises as a public health intervention 25/10/2020
 Operational guidelines on preparedness & response for Covid-19 outbreak for apparel industry 25/10/2020 eohfs website (occupational health)
 Supply of pharmaceuticals for clinic patients during Covid-19 outbreak period 24/10/2020
Hosp response to evolving covid19 status 20/10/2020 Ministry of Health web site
 Strengthening the monitoring mechanism on Covid 19 prevention and response in workplaces.  12/10/2020
  Autopsy practices and disposal of human remains 30/09/2020 Epid unit website
 SOP on admission of foreign national patients to private hospitals for treatment in Sri Lanka 28/09/2020 Epid unit website
 Rational use of PPE and infection prevention and control of Covid-19 25/05/2020 Epid unit website
 Interim guidance for surgical and medical procedures in relation to Covid 19 23/05/2020 Epid unit website
 Provisional clinical practise guidelines on Covid-19 suspected and confirmed patients 03/2020 Epid unit website