MCH statistics 2019

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Maternal Care at the time of Registration

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Regarding care of over 35y women

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MCH statistics 2018


Maternal and child health Indicators – Gampaha
Birth Rate (per 1000 population)14.613.713.112.1
Percentage of pregnant mothers registered before 8 weeks of gestation75.2577.276.977
Percentage of teenage pregnant mothers registered4.333.943.83.7
Percentage of primi mothers registered36.2537.33637
Percentage Pregnant mothers with gravidity 5 or more registered1.631.481.51.6
Percentage of pregnant mothers protected for Rubella98.8181.4598.799
Tetanus Toxoid coverage among pregnant mothers99.3799.7999.499.5
Percentage of Mothers tested for VDRL at the time of delivery98.5899.7998.699.2
Grouping and Rh coverage among pregnant mothers99.68100.0299.699.8
Percentage of pregnant mothers visited at least once at home by Public Health Midwife (PHM)79.7983.8383.483.6
Percentage of pregnant mothers attending clinics at least once during pregnancy96.9297.1898.697.1
Average number of clinic visits by a mother5.815.695.75.6
Percentage of pregnant mothers with low BMI as it is on or before 12 weeks of gestation16.9815.2914.513.1
Percentage of mothers reported with antenatal morbidities28.3433.0736.840.1
Percentage of institutional deliveries10099.9799.999.9
Percentage of home deliveries registered00.030.040.05
Percentage of deliveries with LSCS40.1241.541.943.9
Percentage of untrained deliveries reported0.
Percentage of post partum mothers receiving at least one home visit within the 1st 10 postpartum days88.9388.6586.387
Average number of postnatal visits within first 10 days1.551.571.61.5
Percentage of postpartum mothers visited by PHM at or around 42 days68.569.3169.369
Percentage of postpartum mothers receiving Vitamin A megadose90.078893.685.1
Percentage of pregnant mothers reported postnatal morbidities12.1112.9412.712.1
Percentage of infants visited at least once at home after 42 days by Public Health Midwife48.0245.0743.244.5
Percentage of infants making at least one clinic visit90.3192.4988.494
Average number of clinic visits for an infant7.187.27.37
Percentage of children received Vitamin A mega dose at 18 months72.5582.169782.4
Percentage of children received Vitamin A mega dose at 3 years74.7130.69111.495.1
Percentage Low Birth Weight10.7911.0311.511
Percentage of infants weighed90.0386.0887.287.5
Percentage of infants who are underweight4.64.784.44.4
Percentage of young children (1-2 years) weighed75.6577.0874.376.2
Percentage of young children (1-2 years) who are underweight9.0712.0411.410.9
Percentage of preschoolers’ (2 – 5 year) weighed44.0366.0466.967.6
Percentage of preschoolers’ (2 – 5 year) who are underweight20.815.3215.115
Percentage of schools in which Health Survey completed89.2295.1480.61100
Percentage of schools in which School Medical Inspection conducted92.5588.1187.23100
Percentage of children screened at School Medical Inspection67.277.5369.7188
Percentage of children with defects20.3921.8521.421
Percentage of eligible families using any contraceptive method (All methods)64.7264.8564.964.5
Percentage of eligible families using modern methods52.0252.4752.452.3
Percentage of eligible families using traditional methods12.712.3812.412.2
Percentage eligible families with unmet need for family planning8.237.858.28.2
Neonatal Mortality Rate (1000 live births)6.125.396.54.5
Infant Mortality Rate (1000 live births)8.377.499.18.1
Still Birth Rate (per 1000 births)3.145.665.45.6
Under Five Mortality Rate (1000 live births)9.358.3710.39.3
Maternal Mortality Rate (100,000 live births)