Dr. A.A.N.U. Amaratunga

MO Health Informatics

Health information Management Unit (HIMU)

Health information Management unit (HIMU) of RDHS, Gampaha district has established to provide and enhance computer literacy skills of the staff of RDHS – Gampaha as well as employees in other health institutions in Gampaha district. In addition to that HIMU provide the service in training to the trainees (students) of technical college to improve their computer skills.

Basic functions of Health information Management Unit (HIMU)

  • Conduction of training programs to the health staff in Gampaha district.


  1. Basic health information technology
  2. Office package
  3. Windows Operating System
  4. Data analyzing

Despite this basic activity, this unit gives the contribution of implementing e health in both preventive and curative sectors to give a quality and efficient patient care to the people in the Gampaha district.

  • Health net Website Supervision
  • Making and follow – up drug distribution plan collaboration with RMSD & divisional pharmacists
  • Creation of Weekly remaining drug stocks report
  • RDHS website management
  • Implementing of e- hospital projects