Administrative Officer
M.A.D.D. Munasinghe

Key Duties

  1. Giving the Administrative support to perform the duties of Gampaha RDHS Office and institutions under the Gampaha RDHS Office.
  2. Preparation of payment Vouchers of vehicles in all health institutions except Gampaha,Negombo & Wathupitiwala
  3. Procurement of construction and renervation  of buildings,repairing vehicles, food , laundries,sanitary services and maintenance of non surgical items.
  4. Participation as a resource for board of survey of institutions under the RDHS Office. 
  5. Support for financial Budgeting.
  6. Supervision of administrative services of institutions under the RDHS Gampaha
  7. Answering and handling the audit quarries.
  8. Keeping records on personal files,approving salary increments,conversion, approval of promotions,preparing pension schemes.
  9. Take necessary actions on discipline manner except doctors.
  10. Make arrangements for getting distress & property loans.