Dr. Sajeewa Lakmini Gamaethige


BDS (SL), PgD PA/PM (Colombo)

Oral Health Unit (OHU)

All Dental and Oral health activities in Gampaha District is coordinated by OHU except in line ministry institutions. It is supported to achieve the RDHS office vision and mission by planning, organizing, leading, implementing, coordinating and evaluating the oral health activities in addition to support to culminate national vision and Goal.

OHU is comprised with 3 relief dental surgeons, mobile dental surgeon, 2 supervising school dental therapists, development officer and 2 health care assistants headed by Regional Dental Surgeon.



Support to the national vision

“A healthier Sri Lankan nation with health mouths contributing to it’s economic, social, mental and spiritual development”


Twenty functioning teeth at eighty years olds in Gampaha District.

Main Objectives 

  • Improvement of oral health screening in children below 5 years.
  • Preschool Children
  •              Increasing the screening coverage of preschool children
  •              Increasing healthy preschool children
  • School Children – Primary grades (up to 13yrs)
  •              Decreasing the percentage of 12yrs untreated dental caries
  •              Increasing the percentage of healthy children in the target group
  •              Increasing the screened and treated percentage of children
  • Adolescent
  •             Screening of primary education completed
  • Clear the resistances to reach easily to the OPD Dental Clinics for adults and senior citizens
  • Improvement of oral health in pregnant mothers
  • Continuous service improvement
  • Make necessary arrangement to reach returns of Dental Surgeons and School Dental Therapists up to date



  1. DH Type ADivulapitiya OPD DC

9.DH Type AJaEla OPD DC

10.DH Type ARadawana OPD DC

  1. DH Type AAkaragama OPD DC
  2. DH TypeAPamunugama OPD DC
  3. DH Type BBokalagama OPD DC
  4. DH Type BBiyagama OPD DC
  5. DH Type B Malwathuhiripitiya OPD DC
  6. DH Type B Udupila OPD DC
  7. DH Type C Alawala OPD DC
  8. DG Type C Bemmulla OPD DC
  9. DH Type C Urapola OPD DC
  10. DH Type CDunagaha OPD DC
  11. DH Type C Meethirigala OPD DC
  12. DH Type C Pugoda OPD DC
  13. DH Type C Ulahitiwala(Muslime Orphanage) OPD DC
  14. DH Type C Nambuluwa OPD DC
  15. DH Type C Katunayaka OPD DC
  16. DH Type C Uswetakeyyawa OPD DC


Adolescent Dental Clinics (ADC) in Gampaha Distric

  1. ADC Hiripitiya K.V, Veyangod
  2. ADC Al Azzar College, Thihariya
  3. ADC Al Mubarak College, Malwana
  4. ADC Kumarimulla Muslim college, Pugoda
  5. ADC Bandaranayaka College, Gampaha
  6. ADC Al Hilal M.V, Periyamulla, Negombo
  7. ADC Batuwaththa M.V, Ragama


School Dental Clinics in Gampaha District
1.Dudly Senanayaka M.V – Meerigama(MOH Mirigama)


3.Aligar MahaVidyalaya – Kal-Eliya (MOH Mirigama)
4.Newstead College(MOH Negombo)
5.Dunagaha Ranashinghe M.V.(MOH Divulapitiya)
6.Udugampola N.S(MOH Minuwangoda)
7.Galahitiyawa M.V (relief)(MOH Gampaha)
8.Horampalla M.V(MOH Minuwangoda)
9.Thimbirigaskatuwa M.V(MOH Katana)
10.Banduragoda M.V(MOH Divulapitiya)
11.St’Francis M.V – Dalugama(MOH Kelaniya)
12.Jayanthi Vidyalaya – Ja-Ela(MOH Ja-ela)
13.Maris stella College(MOH Negombo)
14.Gothami Vidyalaya – Gampaha(MOH Gampaha)
15.Madduma Bandara M.V (relief)(MOH Gampaha)
16.Kirindiwella M.M.V(MOH Dompe)
17.Dompe Siyane M.V(MOH Dompe)
18.Pamunugama M.V(MOH Wattala)
19.Seeduwa Bandarawaththa M.V(MOH Seeduwa)
20.Raddolugama H.C (relief)(MOH Seeduwa)
21.Sapugaskanda M.V(MOH Biyagama)


22.Kadawatha M.V(MOH Mahara)
23.St’Mary’s College – Veyangoda(MOH Attanagalla)
24.Ranpokunagama M.V(MOH Attanagalla)
25.Kuruwamulla M.V (relief)(MOH Attanagalla)
26.Kamburagalla M.V(MOH Attanagalla)
27.Anura M.V – Yakkala(MOH Gampaha)
28.Kelani M.V(MOH Kelaniya)
29.R.C.Tamil School – Wattala(MOH Wattala)
30.Katana Paul-Pope(MOH Divulapitiya)
31.Rathnawali B.M.V(MOH Gampaha)
32.Henegama Central College(MOH Mahara)
33.Mandawala M.V(MOH Dompe)
34.Pallansena M.V(MOH Negombo)
35.Pitipana M.V(MOH Negombo)

In addition to above Nursing officers                        –           8

Drivers                                                                      –           1

Attendants                                                                –           5

Health Care Assistants                                             –           45