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Mrs: H.M.A. Priyadarshani

Key Duties

  1. Giving the Financial support to perform the duties of Gampaha RDHS Office and institutions under the Gampaha RDHS Office.
  2. Checking and Certification of payment Vouchers.
  3. Financial Management of budgeted allocation.
  4. Procurement of General & Surgical items.
  5. Conducting and Supervision of board of survey of institutions under the RDHS Office. Conducting condeming board and Auctions.
  6. Financial Budgeting.
  7. Accounting and Financial Supervision of institutions under the RDHS Gampaha
  8. Answering and handling the audit quaries.
  9. Cash Management.
  10. Preparation of Monthly Accounts, Advance B’ Account and appropriation Account.
  11. Preparation of Annual Budget.
  12. Preparation and payments of salaries, salary arrears, OT and Claims all the staff of the RDHS office and institutions under the RDHS Gampaha


  1. Strengthen Financial system and procedures in the overall operation of the hospitals, MOHs and primary health care units (CDs) and all other units under the RDHS office Gampaha.
  2. Developing an effective financial management to ensure the delivery of the highest quality care at the lowest operational cost.
  3. Following and maintaining best practices of financial management for RDHS office, Hospital and MOHs.
  4. Ensure that the financial accounting and recording are followed by all the official level of top to down.
  5. Maintaining the financial discipline of all the officials and institution under the RDHS office Gampaha.
  6. Enhance the financial responsibility and accountability.
  7. Ensure that all the officials following financial rules & regulations and procedures.
  8. Enhance the financial and accounting supervision of all the institutions under the RDHS office.
  9. Developing stock management system and the effective goods & items delivery systems for institutions under the RDHS office.
  10. Ensure that annual Board of survey of institutions under the RDHS were done and clear the condemning goods.