Mental Health Programme


Mental Health policy of the Ministry of Health has established in 2005 to provide comprehensive community based mental health services that will promote the mental health wellbeing & improve the services for prevention treatment & rehabilitation of people with mental disorders.

Major strategies of mental health Programme

  • Promotion of mental well being
  • Standard patient care
  • Prevention of suicide
  • Reduce alcohol related harm & substance abuse
  • Prevention of violence
  • Develop infrastructure & human resource
  • Monitoring & evaluation of the mental health Programme


There are nine (9) mental health care units in Gampaha District. They are in,

  1. TH Ragama
  2. DGH Gampaha
  3. DGH Negombo
  4. BH Wathupitiwala
  5. BH Minuwangoda
  6. BH Mirigama
  7. BH Kiribathgoda
  8. DH Divulapitiya
  9. CD Kalagedihena

It is identified a rising trend of mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia in the community. Therefore early identification and support for careers are very important for a proper management and enhanced accessibility to the people with minor mental disorders is also important.

To achieve these above mentioned mental health units are doing great tasks with the help of RDHS office of Gampaha.


Acute psychiatric in patient care units

There are four (4) psychiatric in patient care units at the movement at Gampaha district. This includes TH Ragama, DGH Gamapaha, DGH Negombo, & BH Wathupitiwala. In other hospitals where acute psychiatric units are not available, psychiatric patients are admitted to general medical units/wards.

Outpatient clinics

There are five (5) outpatient clinic centers now. Clinics are conducted by consultant psychiatrists, MO Psychiatry & MO Mental Health.

Community Mental Health Programme

Follow up community care services are available to the clients with mental health problems by the psychiatric nurses, community support officers. There is one community support center in RDHS – Gampaha to help the community when they have mental health problems.

Human Resources

There are three (3) consultant psychiatrists in RDHS Gampaha. There are six (6) MO Psychiatry with the diploma in Psychiatry.

Activities done for enhancing mental health well being

  • Training programmes for promotion of mental health wellbeing, suicide prevention, Alcohol & substance prevention & prevention of violence
  • Educationalprogrammes for teachers & parents on development of mental wellbeing.
  • Life skill programme for newly married & about to marry couples on development of social & mental wellbeing.
  • Work shop & awareness programmes for upper grade school children on substance abuse.
  • Religious activities such as Bakthi Gee , Carol, Sil&Bhodhi Puja
  • Celebration of World Mental Health Day.
  • Home visits of psychiatric patients.