Dr.Ramya Hettiarachchi

Acting Consultant Community Physician- Planning 

MBBS(SL), MSc(com.med), MD(com.med)

Dr.Shalika Wijesuriya

MO- Planning


Our Vision

A healthier nation with a constantly improving quality of life that contributes to its economic, social, mental and spiritual development.

Our Mission

To contribute to social and economic development in Gampaha district by achieving the highest attainable health status through pro-motive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services of high quality made available and accessible to people of Gampaha District.


  • To transform existing health services into a modern high performing quality health system that is patient centered, accessible, equitable, efficient and innovative
  • Harness the full potential of Information and Communication technology to empower people to live healthy lives.
  • To ensure that the available human, financial and physical resources lead to the achievement of better health outcomes.
  • To improve comprehensive health services delivery actions.
  • To improve quality of life and well-being of the population through the prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • To promote healthy lifestyles and an environment conducive to health.


Duties Planning Unit – Gampaha

  1. Shall be the focal coordinator with the central level planning Unit ( Ministry of Health )
  2. Shall support the administration to assess performance of different sections.
  3. Shall develop Annual Action plan, Medium Term plan, and Master plan and shall develop the results framework for the Annual Action plan.
  4. Shall be the key focal point in preparing and forwarding the Annual performance Report for the preparation of the Administrative Report of the Ministry of Health.
  5. Shall coordinate and organize stakeholder meetings relevant to generating deliverables of the unit .
  6. Shall be the focal point in compiling and disseminating hospital –related statistics as and when necessary.
  7. Shall attend hospital management committee meetings, meetings with stakeholders and external development partners and any other planning-related meetings conducted with the purpose of hospital development and patient and staff welfare.
  8. Shall be responsible for HR management planning and institution cadre requests.
  9. Shall be responsible for the preparation of project proposals for hospital development.
  10. Shall conduct monthly or/and quarterly progress review meetings.
  11. Shall be responsible for submission of progress reports (Annual Action plan and for major development projects) to the central level.
  12. Maintain appropriate databases with regard to the following areas:
  • Hospital Human Resources(Cadre information)
  • Vehicles/Ambulances(Number available)
  • Expenditure/financial reports of major projects
  • Training programmes participated by health staff(list of programmes with staff category, programme name and duration)
  • List of research conducted
  • Copies of returns submitted by institutions (quarterly IMMR, laboratory returns, maternal returns etc.)