Dr. Chintha Jayasinghe

MBBS, MD (Com.med)

Consultant Community Physician 


To support the national vision,optimized the quality of life and health potential of all women, children and their families in Gampaha District


To contribute to the attainment of highest possible levels of health of all women, children and families through provision of comprehensive, sustainable, equitable and quality Maternal and Child Health services in a supportive, culturally acceptable and family friendly settings

Maternal & Child Health Unit Staff


Dr Dinusha Lakmini                            –  MOMCH

Mrs R.P.W.MC.U.Rajakaruna             _   RSPHNO

Mrs K.M.C.D. Karunarathna               _   RSPHNO

Mrs D.P.M Saranga Gunasekara        _   DO


  1. Ensure the updating e –RHMIS of Surveillance System by MOH level
  2. Ensure all maternal, feto– infant and child morbidities & motilities notified investigated and reviewed at district and national
  3. Maintain a data bases on maternal, feto-infant and child deaths.
  4. Periodically analyze data on maternal, feto –infant and child morbidity and mortalities.
  5. Conduct bi annual and annual reviews related to Maternal, School health and Nutrition etc….
  6. Establish and implement surveillance on birth defects
  7. Web- based and other electronic devices are used to get faster and more complete reporting from communities and to initiate response based on morbidity and mortality Surveillance & response Systems
  8. Morbidity and mortality Surveillance & response Systems are reviewed annually in terms of completeness of Surveillance & Quality of the response, including actions to improve Quality of care
  9. Establish a sustainable effective mechanism to update existing circulars, guidelines and Protocols on management of sick and healthy children
  10. Monitor implementation of guidelines, Protocols as appropriate in all institutions both field & hospital
  11. Advocate and create awareness on the Maternal, Feto – infant & child morbidity & mortality surveillance, care for the sick children and other and areas under the scope of the unit among parliamentarians, policy makers, central and provincial administrators, programme planners, implementers, service providers , development partners, all other stakeholders and general public
  12. Develop, implement and monitor five year strategic plans, annual implementation plans on Maternal, Feto -infant & child morbidity & mortality surveillance, care for the sick children and other areas under the scope of the unit.
  13. Co-ordinate the government & donor agency funding to implement annual plans on the key areas under the scope of the Unit.
  14. Establish close collaboration with relevant professional bodies and other governmental and non-governmental establishments with regard to key areas under the scope of the unit
  15. Training and teaching , including undergraduate and postgraduate training as appropriate