Dr. A.A.N.U. Amaratunga

MO Health Informatics

Health information Management Unit (HIMU)

In an era where decisions are made based on information and manual processes are being transformed into digital systems, the Health Information Management Unit of Regional Director of Health Services office Gampaha plays a pivotal role in Digital Health activities in the Gampaha District.  

The unit is consisting of Medical Officers with post graduate qualification in Bio-Medical Informatics and the unit is committed to,

  • Facilitate and coordinate the implementation process of Electronic Health Information Management Systems in health institutions.
  • Analyze the service processes and identify the re-engineering needs according to the requirements of the institutions.
  • Suggest, design and deploy software solutions to cater the ICT requirements of the health institutions.
  • Conduct the Health Information related training and education programmes for the health care workers as per the identified requirements
  • Assist in formulating procedures and standards for cost effective management of resources.
  • Provide technical assistance in the procurement process of ICT equipment.

Some activities by HIMU,